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When should I change over to my all-season tires?

Take it from Nokian Tyres, the inventor of the winter tire: There is nothing safer on wintry roads than a set of dedicated winter tires . But the same qualities that make them effective on snow and ice…

What tire size should I use?

It’s vital to drive the right tire size. Driving tires with the wrong dimensions could cause your vehicle to underperform, handle poorly or experience uneven tire wear that can make driving dangerous.…

What are the best tires to avoid blowouts?

Safety is the most important aspect of a tire’s performance. But that doesn’t just mean good braking and handling; it also includes the ability to resist blowouts and flats caused by road hazards. No…

How often should I rotate my tires?

Even the best set of high quality tires is much less effective if the tires are not regularly rotated. It is in the interest of safety and fuel efficiency to rotate your tires every 3,000 to 6,000 mil…

Are all-season tires safe in winter?

All season tires are not meant for winter roads in many parts of North America. Their rubber compounds and tread patterns are built for high performance and durability on spring and summer roads, but t…

Your ultimate road trip tire safety checklist

While it’s impossible to foresee all potential road hazards, there are some easy steps that can help you preserve peace of mind when you’re on a road trip. Here’s a tire safety checklist to follow before you hit the road for a long journey.

Rule No. 2: High-quality tires are worth the investment

There’s one place where price should NOT be your first priority: the tire shop. That’s because there are a number of other important factors to consider, many of which can possibly keep you safer on the road -- and even help you save time and money on the back end.

The Ultimate Wisconsin Sports Journey

Wisconsin is beloved for its cheese curds, sausages and beer. But it’s also a haven for sports fans of all stripes – cheeseheads, college football buffs and hardball lovers alike

Sooner or Later, You Simply Have to Visit Oklahoma

The Sooner State’s namesake musical proudly proclaims that “Oklahoma’s okay.” In reality, it’s far better than okay – it’s a place every road trip enthusiast should visit sooner rather than later

Badlands, Bison and Boats: North Dakota Was Made for Explorers

Can you believe “Fargo” is 24 years old?! The lead, William H. Macy, is a car salesman with bad intentions. When you visit the Roughrider State, we trust that your intentions will be better – and on a set of Nokian Tyres products, it’ll end better for you, too

The Bluegrass State Will Leave You Anything But

You’re likely familiar with Kentucky’s three trademarks: basketball, bourbon, and breeding thoroughbred horses. What you may not know is that there’s a lot more to the Bluegrass state than those three pastimes.

Introducing Nokian Tyres' Greatest Hits

The beauty of our premium tires is that they're crafted to provide peace of mind in all conditions. That takes them all over the world, from Arctic ice to scorching summer roads.  It has been a privi…

It's a hopeful journey

The beauty of our greatest journeys often lies in their unpredictability. For many of us, the sweetest memories come from the moments when the path ahead was dark, and we had to rely on our inner stren…

Nervous about driving in winter conditions? Replace fear with facts.

The most challenging driving season is ahead of us, and the arrival of winter makes many of us uneasy about driving. Statistically, inexperienced drivers are more likely to have a traffic accident. But winter novices and road warriors alike can tackle the toughest environments if they’re armed with a few helpful tips.

Love at First Mile

Jonathan Garland is a driver who steers clear of the beaten path. Whenever the opportunity arises, Jon from Madison, Wisconsin packs his family in the car and heads toward adventure. Nokian All-Weather tires always take the family man wherever he wants, regardless of the weather or route selection.