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Marc Bujold

Outdoor and Automotive enthusiast with 80 mile daily commute in Vermont. Weekends usually spent skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. 

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Emmanuel Ortega

I've always been an enthusiast driver and usually travel with fine musical equipment and instruments. Main 2 reasons for having the best tires: Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV. I live in Perth-Andover ...


Mikko Nevala

I am a Finnish guy living in Florida and driving a Mustang GT equipped with Nokian z-Line tyres. My family moved here early 2011 from Finland and so far we have been happy Florida residents.

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Scott Jerome

A native of southern Michigan, I grew up in Washington State where my family and I hiked, skied, hunted, and biked.  After stops in Maine, the U.P. of Michigan, and Minnesota for education ...

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Aaron Steinfeld

I'm just your everyday Jeep driver. Not the crazy, off roading until I'm covered in mud driver, but a "hey, this car handles well and I can get where I want to go" driver.

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Robert Kinda

Two winters ago I resided in northern Vermont and saw how every Vermonter ran Nokians of some kind.

If anyone should know an excellent winter tire it would be them. Nokian was nice ...

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Harley Cardwell

Harley is 30 years old, married to Veronica and have just celebrated the birth of their son Greyson. He and his father run a small gun store and sign shop in Galveston, IN.

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Nicole Johnson

We're excited about our new tires and can't wait to see how they hold up this winter.  We're keeping this blog to chronicle our journey through the ice and snow until we get bac...

Chris Pace

I'm a construction contractor in central Texas. I use my dually truck as a mobile office and use it to haul materials and equipment to and from jobsites.. I'm looking forward to tes...