WRG3-SUV: Exciting tires!

I received my tires last week and had them installed on my 2011 Subaru Outback. I'll list some mundane details here just to help keep track of things. I took the car to Indy Tire in Carmel, IN on 9/28/15 to have the tires installed and the alignment inspected. Mileage was 81878.

My first impression of the tires is very positive. Pictures can only show you so much and you lose the perspective of 3D. The tread is super aggressive and very deep, definitely confidence inspiring! As weird as it sounds, they have the most "new tire smell" of any tires I've had before. I can still smell them in my garage almost 2 weeks later! I'm assuming that means these tires are super fresh and have not been sitting on a warehouse rack for the last year or two. 

I've driven the car a week now and I can say that my average MPG has dropped by 1.5 mpg. I attribute that to the fact that the OEM Continental tires were about 2/32" tread depth, so they we much lower rolling resistance. 

Our weather here is still in the 70's during the days and getting down into the 50's at night. I don't expect snow until November, so I will post my thoughts on the dry handling of the tires until then.