WRG3 - Is the message getting out?

Within the past few weeks, two people have crossed my path who have embarked on a search for new all-season tires. In an effort not to sound like a mad man, I take a deep breath. I ask, "Have you ever heard of Nokian tires...?"

The answer is generally "no". So I go on, not getting to passionate (it might freak them out), and tell them about the WRG3. Immediately they respond by saying they don't want a dedicated snow. I make it clear that these are not dedicated snows, but all-seasons on steroids. Want to know something? It's too much for them to handle. Both individuals bought all seasons. The EnTyre was an easier sell some months ago, the website makes it pretty clear as to what they are. For some reason, the WRG3 is misunderstood.


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