Wintry Road Trips

Before starting the drive, home in RI


So we instead of just rain we got rain sleet slush, called apparently wintry mix. Roads were slick, traffic was a nightmare and I had 200 miles to go. Multiple puddles, slushy roads it was like those Jeep comercials. Thankfully these tires stick to the road like butter on toast. Highway speeds and minimal sliding no problems stopping. I have to say Im really glad I have these tires. From Rhode Island to upstate New York they held the whole way. Not a single change in tire pressure either despite the rapidly changing temperatures. My good friend Abe unfortunately is driving a plow right now but as soon as the weather clears he'll be back to tell me his honest opinion. Well folks till next time stay warm and keep driving.

Slushy roads (picture taken by copilot)
End of the drive - Lake George NY


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