Wintry Mix

What is this stuff?!  Sleet?  Ice balls....the weather people call it a "wintry mix".  I guess they don't know either.  Whatever it is, it's slippery.  Well, for people without super WRG3 tires, it probably is.  But, for me, well...I did slide a little when I reached over to open my coke bottle and my tires got out of the little tracks of clear road and onto the more snowy (wintery mixed) part.  But, as I've come to expect, the tires grabbed right on before they even slid much at all.  Other than that, it was a very uneventful drive. 

Now, if I can just get some WRG3's on the bottom of my boots....I slid all over the parking lot as I was walking to the store.  Fortunately, I never fell.  If only my shoes were as awesome as my tires!