winters snow nearly gone and a farewell !!

The final farewell of April

Well all that remains of our mild winter is some snow along the roads and shaded areas of the woods.

This will be my final blog !! I sure will miss these Hakkapeliitta R2's 

The VW Jetta will be gone soon and so will the tires...I've had a spectacular 3 seasons on these tires and traveled through over 600" of snowfall and several thousand miles, temperatures  from nearly -40 to nearly 80 degrees F  , rain , freezing rain , and sleet.

I've always been impressed,  Nokian did A fine job engineering these tires for harsh winter conditions. I've only once nearly got stuck but never had to get pulled , pushed or towed with these tires. These tires saved me time going to work in the mornings and kept my family and I safe on our travels.

I attempted to have the Hakka R2 's taken off yesterday but my Brand X oem all season tires had several patches that just wouldn't  hold air anymore.  The tires will stay with the car. I am switching to a Large SUV for family and towing purposes. 


It's been fun testing and blogging for Nokian on these great tires  , and with that I say thanks Nokian for the opportunity! 

Take care and have a safe summer !!!

Sunrise over the seasons last ice end of April
These tires deserve a gold medal !


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