winterized roads ensue

This week has brought a ton of winter weather, including snow and a little sleet. I started my new job of being an overnight caregiver and so I drive out to her home at night and leave in the morning. I found the tires really helped me get into and out of parking spaces in town that weren't cleared without getting stuck or having too many problems. This morning I drove home in the midst of a winter snow event and while there wasn't too much snow expected there wasn't much done to the roads I had to drive over to get home. Attached is a picture of what I was trying to drive through. I was very nervous driving up and down the mountain but the tires really seemed to have good grip and I didn't end up "white-knuckling" it for too much of the ride. I took the drive up the mountain slowly and I didn't have any tire spinning or fish-tailing when I tried to accelerate. On the way down, I didn't have any trouble with sliding while brake or any fishtailing. It handled well through the curves that were well coated with snow. Even with all the help from the tires, I was really glad to have arrived and off the roads when I pulled into my space in our driveway.

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