Winter recap

Came back from the north country last month during the last snow storm and truly enjoyed the Tyres . With a mix of the previous days snows and the heavy, gusty winds barreling outta my right , I travelled West thru Iowa on the big I.  It was fun, calming, chaotic and only a few times kinda scary. With the temps in the teens and declining, the roadway was slick, snowy, icy, and dry. Sometimes visibility was fine and clear. NExt hill might bring icy, windy gusts, with cars and trucks vying for their own piece of the road. SOme seemed to want / need more room than others. Trucks were jacknifed on both sides , in the center, thru fences and jsut about everywhere you could thinbk of. Musta been a really nasty night that wasn't ready to let up just yet.

The Nokian Rs were OUTSTANDING for the entire 600 ish miles back home. While some of the travellers were leaving their intended paths in front of me ( both sides of the HWY) I only felt the dreaded Yikes a couple times ( the icy spots increased the pucker factor) ...and stayed on the surface as I had wanted to do.

I am a firm believer of proper winter prep for my cars. I am now totally sold on dedicated Winter tires, something I had thought were unnecessary.  There really is something to be said about the right tool for the job.

I'll need tyres for the other season when the weather finally changes back to warm. This time I'll look into  Nokian for them.



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