Wind & Rain Rated

It's mid-December in central Indiana. Historically, we should have had more snow, and even some icy conditions to test! However we have had 1 good snow and.....rain. Rain, lots of rain! This week mother nature decided to add some wind to the rain too!

We had a few days of 40-50mph wind gusts, and I was caught driving through that a few times. I've driven in wet, very windy weather before with my old Cadillac and I have felt the wind push the car sideways. I'm not talking about a gust just moves the car, but that the tires have broken grip with the pavement and skidded sideways. Talk about a scary ride!

This week driving in the same conditions I never once felt the slightest loss of grip. Sure, the wind would try to slap the car around, but Nokian kept me grounded!