Why our employees are proud to make -- and drive -- Nokian Tyres products

Four people. Four lives. Four stories. 

Quality and Technology Engineer Brian Hale inspects every piece of equipment in his section of our North American factory. He also drives his kids to soccer practice.

Beadwinder Operator / grandmother Tracy Hickey and Paint Booth Operator / avid hunter Dennis Womack help install key components in Nokian Tyres products.

Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Manager Darren Bakkestuen helps craft policies that keep employees safe...then likes crafting home improvement projects around his house.

All four work at our North American factory. All four also trust our tires with their own safety. 

"Being a mother and grandmother, knowing that my family is riding on those tires gives me a sense of peace," Tracy says. "We know we're safe traveling on Nokian Tyres in rain and dry weather."

"You want to be able to hop in the vehicle and know the tires are going to do their job." says Brian. "The performance, noise level and traction fit what I needed for my family. We have been very satisfied with these tires, and I can say they're the best I've ever bought."

All four employees have unique views of what goes into our tires. All four say it led them to want Nokian Tyres products on their own vehicles.

"I monitor all the processes, everything that goes into these tires, everything that goes out of my department," Brian says. "I know the quality of every single component, and I know the standards to which they're held. I can honestly say these tires are the best I've ever bought."

"The ownership each person takes in doing their job is total commitment, so you couldn't get a better product." Tracy says.

"I think it's important to have faith and pride in the products you make at the company you work for," says Darren. "Every single tire we make here is not only inspected through computer and vision systems -- it's also hand-inspected." 

That confidence comes with a sense of pride: These are tires built for American roads, and built by American workers.

"It makes me feel good knowing that the tires I run on my vehicle we make right here in Dayton, Tennessee. I love knowing that I have a part in making tires we can use here." Dennis says.

"I put full faith in my family and friends being in my vehicle and running our products on their vehicles," Darren says.

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