White Christmas traction

Well after being nearly 50" of snow below average we narrowly escaped not having a white Chritsmas. Its only happened twice since 1961.

The tires continue to grip well and haven't failed me yet after 3 seasons. We recently got a little bit more snow and I had to work early. The roads were unplowed as usual being the rural area I live in.

I really like how these tires cut through the snow so well , Obviously when the snow is deep it tends to float a bit if traveling to fast but i'm talking 10'' + of snow.

We have a winter storm warning for tomorrow night so i'll update more when we get a bigger storm.

Till next time Keep your tires on the ice and that firewood burning! 

Stopped on the shoulder of the road ready for morning commute.
stopped on shoulder of the road
safely stopped on the shoulder of the road


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