Where the rubber hits the road...

The long holiday weekend is upon us. Judging from the lack of cars on the highway, I think people are taking some time off.

MGB Tires

in Thomaston, CT (where I got my Nokians) is probably swamped with people trying to get snow tires.

What is the purpose of the WRG3? Where does it fall within the tire spectrum? Is it a hybrid all season/snow tire? I can't tell. I am asking myself who would benefit the most from bypassing a dedicated snow and getting these? The marketing material leads me to believe these are a hybrid tire. The advertisement claims raised an eyebrow because I hate losing time and $$ getting tires changed over (I am cheap and lazy). Recently, I have driven on Bridgestone Ecopia and Blizzaks. I also had a set of Cooper CS4's as well. The experiences with these tires, have helped me form opinions of the Nokians.

No snow in Connecticut yet, so I can't inform you of how the tire does in the snow and slush. What I can discuss are dry and wet weather experiences over the past 700 miles or so. First, my mileage has dropped about 5%. I expected this as the Ecopias were broken in. These tires are quiet. As good or better than the Ecopias. Light years ahead of the Blizzaks which never let you forget they were mounted on your car. Every spring I felt like I took delivery of a new car as the Blizzaks were removed in April. Dry handling seems to be on par with the Ecopias. Gliding into a 45 mph corner feels secure. Long stretches of country roads at 55+ mph have felt positive at all times. If my faith wavered in anything, it was the ability of the Prius to negotiate anything above 60 mph that involved anything remotely resembling a corner. Luckily, we had a few days of rain to test the WRG3 as well.

In some regards, I find the tires to be quite ordinary when the roads are wet. Frequently I may push the tires a little bit to see how they do on tighter corners or under hard braking. Here, the tires are on par with the Ecopias. The only negative is when I am at a stop sign (or light) and I hit the throttle on a wet surface. There is a lot more tire spin than I would have expected from a new tire. In the past, most tires would bite. This is a pet peeve of mine. How many times have you been at a stop light that sits on a hill? The car ahead moves when the light is green but at a snails pace? Rubber is not making contact with the road. If it were not for the traction control, I feel the WRG3s would be spinning quite a bit.

I wish I had an update on how the tires handle the snow. Mother nature is not cooperating. However, I hope my update on the "other" traits of the WRG3 help you determine if you these tires are right for you as we start the winter season.