What Happened To El Nino?!

Snow, snow snow.  And COLD!!  The weather has been a bit crazy.  We've had snow, ice, rain and cold all week.  I've come to trust my WRG3's in any condition.  We drove in it all. If they slip in the snow or ice (or snow on top of ice), it is only for a split second before they regrab traction and keep going.  One day we were driving them on unplowed roads with pretty thick snow.  They preformed beautifully.  I tried to get a picture of it while my husband was driving, but the picture isn't as good as I hoped.  I'm attaching it anyway.

I'm really glad to have these fabulous tires with all this crazy weather.  And even though, we've hardly had much snow to speak of, I'm still ready for Spring!  Is it too early to say that?!  I think anytime the temperature is below zero you should be allowed to look forward to Spring!


Forging our way on roads that weren't plowed yet
A light dusting of snow over ice


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