Wet Roads

Well, we didn't have a white christmas, but we didn't have a wet one either.  I confess to being happy about not having a white Christmas.  Never thought I'd say that. Growing up in the south, I always dreamed of snow on Christmas.  I've been in a colder climate for the last 8 years.  After the last 2 winters-1 record snowfall the other record cold- I was actually excited to have no snow on Christmas.  We took a walk as a family and nobody was cold!

We have had quite a bit of rain.  We did an overnight trip on a rainy day and drove about 174 miles.  Some in the rain.  I was impressed to note the tires felt the same on the wet roads as they do when it's dry.  I am really loving these tires.  I was in a hurry and came to a stop a little too fast on a dirt road.  I was expecting a skid and I got...nothing.  It was fabulous!

There's more rain in the forecast for the next few days.  Then we'll see if January is going to bring the snow.