Weather woes

Sooooo the weather is been crazy and by crazy I mean bipolar. Temperatures in the 60s one day and snow the next. Fortunately, for me I have great tires. No matter what weather seems to hit these tires have grip that won't quite. Rain, sleet,snow I used to just stay in with this kind of weather instead I can keep running my crazy life. Mostly ice lately in the past I've had some issues with sliding in bad weather, I can say with 100 percent honesty that I haven't had that issue anywhere near as often. I took my tire pressure the other day and despite the change in tempetures the tires are still at the ideal pressure. I've been able to keep living my life thanks to these tires and in New England that's a blessing in and of itself. Abe still says these tires are good to go despite driving nearly 7,000 miles on these tires. Well folks till next time. 

Weather mix
Tires still look great!


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