Unfazed by “extreme” temperatures

I once visited Jackson Hole Wyoming. I had a rental Suburban that had all season tires. I recall one morning we woke up to -15F. When we got in the SUV, the tires were so cold that the flat spots in the sections that had been touching the ground over the night did not deform as we rolled. For the first few minutes we actually could feel thumping until the tires gradually warmed up and then started rolling normally.

Vermont has had an epic cold spell, the coldest in recent memory with a low of -14F (and -35 with the wind chill). While driving today I couldn’t help but notice that my Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV winter tires felt completely normal. Handling and road noise were the same as on mild days.

Since they are developed in Finland above the Arctic circle, it is clear that the tires are designed for weather extremes. And unlike all season tires, there were no flat spots today. :)[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="1" orderby="ID"]

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