Toliet seats and snow tires...

Installing new toilet seats is like painting a room. It's the same old room, but it just feels new. If I am making no sense, try it. You will see.

The snow was scheduled to move into the area during the early evening hours of a lazy Sunday. Wanting to make sure I would not screw this up, I verified with my wife that both toilets were indeed "bone" and not white. Off I went to Home Depot. Two hours later (yes I puttered), I was back, armed with two wonderful "slow close" toilets. These are needed as we have teenagers and six year old.

On my hands and knees, I attacked the first toilet. I was on a high as I called the whole family into the bathroom and provided an overview of this new wonder. They were excited for all of three minutes. I was left standing by myself as the toilet seat finally came to a slow and breathtaking rest on the toilet. On to the next one!

The next bathroom install was moving along quickly when something went wrong. I called my wife and asked for her opinon. She told me it was "close enough" but with little confidence. What I was looking at was not sitting right. The new toilet seat was indeed bone. The toilet was white. I squinted out the window. The snow had started awhile ago.

Knowing I needed to write this week, I jumped into the Prius. A good two inches blanketed the driveway. Up the hill I went. No spinning. No strain. Straight up. The snow was pouring down. I knew I would make it down to HD before they closed in twenty minutes.

I was stomping the snow off my feet as I approached the Customer Service desk. I felt like an idiot. Here I am standing there with a toilet seat cover - requesting a return. The associate couldn't hide her disbelief. I muttered an apology, stating the obvious that only an idiot would drive through that crappy weather just to return a toliet seat. Needless to say she processed me quickly.

I couldn't help but get sucked into the toilet seat section. I had to explore - yet again - the myriad of seats. Would I change my mind and get a cushioned one? My wife would freak...

I fired up the Prius and sloshed my way through the Waterbury streets. The roads were not plowed. I have not drivien through snow like that since I got the tires. Amazing. I couldn't have gotten stuck if I wanted to. An hour or so later, the seat was installed. No fanfare. No audience. Everyone wants to use though!


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