To the high country

Early Feb had me back on the road and headed to Breckenridge.

I was lucky ( high) biddder on a fabulous home that I got from the ACNA Pikes Peak Week last Summer. ( Thanks to Vince @ Phil Long Audi and the wonderful event they put on for us all).  It  was my second choice of the auction things as I needed and wanted to get the set of Nokians that were on the agenda.

This past year has been My Year. I got the Breckenridge place and put in contact with the Nokian folks that were looking for TEST DRIVERS. I was lucky enough to be chosen and got the tyres I wanted to boot.

The  Breckenridge palace was everything I could imagine ...and MORE. Lift tickets, hot chocolate sleigh ride, two hot tubs, screening room, even a little garage for the dumpster.

Of course it snowed while we were there, beautiful fluffy snow, perfect for skiing or playing with the tyres. The Nokians performed beautifully way up high , on the way down in the sleet and icy stuff and on the way to our cabin in the south part of the state. It snowed there, too,  on the way up the mountains and in town during my stay.  On the way East thru Kansas I encountered my first blizzard and white out nasty horizontal blowing snowstorm. Kinda like a movie of an approaching sandstorm in the desert far away. Only way COLDER. Couldn't see at times for a couple tenths of a mile using the markers on the roadside. It lasted less than two hours, but I liked having the Nokians on my side.  It was very reassuring to know they would get me through whatever MOther NAture had to throw my way.


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