Tires pictures

Temperature has been around 2-3 degrees celsius and not much snow has fallen in New Brunswick Canada.

I washed my Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV tires to take some pictures. Last season, I mounted them new. This winter I will make a kilometre account and post the before and after pics to clearly show their durability.

I still remember when I saw the tires for the first time I was very delighted with the sharp tread pattern and fine design. I took these beginning of the season pictures at 306,350 km on the odometer. You can see that they look almost new after nearly 6 months of use last year. If you even notice any irregularity in the tread pattern is because a little pebble got caught in there.

Specially in the third picture you can see there is almost no wear. Small slant lines on top of the outer pattern look pretty detailed; And I don’t mean the lines on the side of the tire which look perfectly new. Well, keep visiting the blog to see the road conditions in which I drive, the end of the season tire pictures, and more…