Tires mounted and waiting for snow!

The FedEx truck dropped off the new rubber almost two weeks ago and I drove over to see Al at Chicago Performance and Tuning to have them mounted and balanced as I know he's a perfectionist.

Typically we've already enjoyed SOME snow in the Chicago Metro area by this time, but the weather lately has been anything BUT typical...

And I must say this is exactly why I chose the WR G2. When we do get snow, it typically is cleared away in short order and the we end up driving on wet, cold sometimes icy pavement. To tell you the truth it's barely been below freezing here - yet. As far as a low to mid-temp tire goes, so far I am very pleased. The WR G2 is quite a bit sticker than the D_____p WIn_______t  I've enjoyed recently. Exit ramps can be taken at sufficient velocity - and the tires, er tyres are quite sure-footed. No issues in driving rain either, so I hope this bodes well for a Winter test.  Snow is in the forecast - so stay tuned

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