Tire performance like no other

Three days before there was a short snow fall mixed with freezing rain. The temperature was oscillating around the freezing point and as a result the roads were covered with 3-5 centimetres of wet snow and slush. Visibility was Okay when I was driving.

On our way back from a concert we saw a vehicle that just got off the road on a little downhill curve into the ditch on a speed limit zone of 70 km/hr. The next day, a similar and longer snowfall started on a working day so most people were trying to get home earlier. Again, driving up a 25 meter little uphill I saw people trying to push up a car in the middle of the storm, their car had marked a big S figure on the 40 km/hr speed limit road.

On both occasions I just passed by with no driving difficulties. What a great sensation not having to worry about winter road conditions thanks to the outstanding performance of the Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV tires. After that I was wondering why people should use any other tire than Nokian, because as I said, I just passed by without any concern at all enjoying a great tire response the same on curves, ups or downhills.


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