This is not goodbye but a See you soon!

This has been an intresting few months. Snow storms from hell, weird sleet storms driving all over creation. From Martha's Vineyard to Nantucket. Adventures in the fall off roading, frequent rain storms and don't forget road construction. I've had these tires in all conditions known to man, shy of river fording. These tires have held up through ALL of it. Abe tells me theres still plenty of life left in these tires. I've had the privilege to stress test these for the last couple months and I'm hooked. These are some of the best tires I have owned in my entire life. Anyone who asks I've ranted and raved about these tires. All around the world and back again  these tires have served me well. I leave with these parting words, I don't always travel in cars but when I do they WILL HAVE NOKIAN TYRES. To you my reads I bid adieu keep driving my friends...

Still looking as good as new
Great looking tires!
Rainy week
Happy to have these tires :)


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