This is a little different...

Yesterday was cold, and then it got colder.

The weather from last night and today is putting the WRG3s through some paces not seen or felt before. There is no slush. The plows have ensured there is nothing but packed powder on the roads. Absent is the ability for the tires to push the wet stuff out via it's sipes - it needs to "ride" it now.

What I see now is the traction control light coming on a lot more as the tires bite and gnash at the snow. I am sure my mobility would be impeded without the traction control, but the tires do bite and move the car forward. A car with traction control and bad tires will crawl nearly to a stop. This is not the case with the WRG3 tire. The Prius is able to propel itself into traffic quite well. Do I wish I had studs for this stuff today? Absolutely. However, I would not hesitate to take the car out now. Furthermore, when it melts in the next day or two, I will have tires that are quiet and handle like all seasons.