The winter that never was, has finally ended

We had no snow in VT through Christmas. I got plenty of road time on my new Hakkapeliitta 8s in dry and wet conditions but little to no time in below freezing temps.

I was so focused on the dry roads that I went ahead and got my summer rims and Nokian Z Line UHP summer tires mounted by the crew over at Vianor in Williston, Vermont. As always, they took great care mounting the package and left my rims clean and unscuffed. I knew that I couldn’t put them on the car but at least I am ready for when spring comes around.

We got our first real winter storm on December 29th and it was your typical Vermont mess: several inches of snow, followed by sleet, followed by rain, followed by snow. At last, I could put the world’s greatest studded winter tires to the test. I have always said that driving with Nokian tires gives you such a competitive edge over other drivers that you feel like you are cheating.

This was confirmed yet again. Hopefully winter hangs around for a while. Today we awoke to 32 degrees and misty fog, another great day for great tires.

Hakkapeliitta weather


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