The winter that never was.

We got our first big dump recently and as you can see from the picture it wasn’t very deep. I fired up my snowblower twice the season. To say it was a weak winter in terms of snowfall is an understatement.

Big Dump

That said, mother nature did throw a few punches. The screengrab from radar shows why it was still worth having winter tires even in an El Nino year.

Mixed Bag

Although it is 60 and sunny today, I am waiting a few more weeks before I put on my summers. I don’t want corrosive road salt to eat up my summer rims. We can have a late season storm and the town trucks will bathe the roads in rock salt.

Lastly, it is time for my annual tirade against salting the roads. We have an over reliance on its use even though it is bad for the environment and vehicles. It is time for people to get serious about having winter tires so the state can back off its liberal use of the stuff.

Liberal use of rock salt at the local store.

Unless there is a late season storm, this will be my last winter entry for the season. Have a great summer!


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