The tires have arrived!

Don't you love it when things just show up at your door from Fed/Ex Ground?  The tires came on time and the delivery gentleman was super nice.  We are grateful and excited to embark on this experience.

Dan, my husband, usually makes the car related decisions in the household.  Just like I make the dietary and organizational decisions around the household.  Can I say that we are both competent in our respective areas?  We eat well, drive fun cars and live in an organized house!

So... back to appreciation and excitement.  We (really, Dan) have been die hard Michelin tire consumers.  These tires get great reviews - we are anxious to try them out.

You lucky readers will be getting a report of our findings (hopefully with a dose of humor and some fabulous pictures of our 15 month old baby - actually she is now a toddler!)


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