The sun sets on another winter tire season.

We awoke to two inches of snow and ice yesterday. And while most of it was gone by the end of the day, the late snow proved yet again that in northern Vermont it is worth waiting at least until April 20th before switching over to summer tires. We still had the confidence of rolling with the best winter tires available on the market today.

As I think back to the last season, the Hakkapeliitta R2 SUVs were without compromise. Quietness, phenomenal grip, and low rolling resistance all combined to make them a fantastic choice.

Next week I plan to switch to my summer wheels and Nokian Z SUVs which will help make the Audi Q7 handle more like a sports car.

Today we are taking off the Hakkapeliitta 7 SUVs on my wife’s Subaru Outback and putting on her set of Nokian eNTYRE’s, a fantastic all-season tire choice designed specifically for North America.

Now we will both be ready for a nice long and warm summer until next October 15th when we once again change over to winter tires. Have a great summer!