The state of the WRG3s after Year One

I wanted to share a picture of what my tires look like today. About a year ago MBG Tire in Thomaston, CT installed my Nokians.

After a year, my tires have been very good to me. Absent is noise and soft vibration coming typically found with snow tires. I feel I have not compromised one bit during the warm months. I drive aggressively. I never felt the sidewalls go soft as I drifted in an out of a hard corner. Squealing? Non-existent.

In an earlier post, I mentioned the wear indicators on the tire. I focus on the snowflake. Once that goes away, so do the tires. There is sufficient "meat" left on the tires. Perhaps I would say that they are still "new" rather than "worn" (hope that makes sense).

After this year, I will have a clearer opinion of the value vs. price ratio. Interested parties should do their homework. Tire shops do not change over tires for free. When a shop charges $25 per tire to install your snows, perhaps the WRG3 offers a better value depending on your climate. In multiple inches of snow last winter, I was never afraid of getting stuck. Be back soon...