the snow commenseth

This week we had our first measurable and semi-lasting snowfall. I only had to do a little driving in it, but I felt safer driving my small town roads that had just a covering of white stuff. I knew that the tires had great grip and took some of the hills that make me nervous in the snow. I didn't do a lot of driving while it was snowing (or sleeting on a few occasions) but driving on the wet roads felt better than before. I know this upcoming week there is more snow forecasted and I am going through the hiring process so there will be a deal more driving to come. So far the roads haven't been too bad, but I know that is coming. I did some driving in the fog both day and night and felt safe, even knowing that there would probably be wet and freezing spots in the road - of course I always drive with caution in such conditions, but I did not feel the need to be extra cautious and my driving time was not greatly affected.

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