The Prius Diaries

Avoiding the highways at all costs lately. It's election year and therefore all the roads and bridges appear to be getting more attention than a tart at the shipyard. While I may complain to friends and relatives about Connecticut, it does have beautiful back roads. Luckily, I get to take some of the very best on my way home from Brookfield to Watertown.

In earlier posts, I have admitted that the Prius is not speed demon nor will it ever be mistaken to posess go kart handling. That being said, a road hungry set of WRG3s continue to serve me quite well as I push my lozenge shaped applicance through the twisties. Dry handling is superb and quiet. As this blogging season is ramping up, I have been paying more attention to how the tires feel, burp, etc. I have tried to gauge the noise of the tires as well. Do I hear them from inside the car? Yes. However, a 2010 Prius allows me to hear a lot that I wish I couldn't. Absent is a tire drone you may find on tires that are chock full of tread.

Wet performance is good. Today I may have pushed them a bit harder as the roads were wet and I was running late. We won't do that again. In fact, I have to block that episode out of my mind entirely as my Prius almost merged with a Mercedes SUV with me in the middle. Under normal driving conditions (even when driven with a little gusto) the tires are safe and secure.