The other slick stuff...

Tis the season for falling leaves on the motorway.

I am just around 20,000 miles on the WRG3 tires. In August I finally got around to getting them rotated...I know...very late. The ever informative wear indicators still tell me I have many safe miles of motoring. Getting excited about how they actually do this winter with some wear.

The tires served me well during the dry and wet spells. Never once did I the hairs on my arms stand up as I felt the car lessen its grip on the highway. Never once did the car succumb to the summer "ice" that magically appears on the road on that 90+ degree day when a thunderstorm drenches the road for five minutes.

Recent bridgework on RT 84 has driven me to the back roads of the rolling Connecticut hills. While I push the Prius to its limits trying to get quickly home, the tires never falter nor squeal. In fact, I feel the tires have gotten a bit better in dry traction as time has marched on. Just a few weeks ago a panic stop at a lot triggered the anti-lock brakes and the tires brought me back down to earth.

During the next few months we will have to watch out for moistened leaves on the road. Whether they be the ones that gently fall from the trees or those that are blown into the road by suburban dweller with the leaf blower. Be prepared with the WRG3s...


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