The Hakkapeliitta R2's Installed , First Impression driving in snow!!

Hello Everyone,

First off I'd like to briefly thank Ryan Holtzer of the Tire Factory for bringing mention To this program. I've done business with them for years and they've always had great Prices and outstanding Customer Service. I'd also Like make Mention The local TV6 Chief meteorologist and Book Author Karl Bohnak for providing the weather forecasting I'll be using throughout the testing season. I provide him with weather data though the Year to help improve future forecasting.

I got the tires installed Monday after some snowfall so I had the chance to drive on the All-season OEM tires to the install shop. The OEM tires were unpredictable and nearly Dangerous to drive on with the packed snow conditions. On the return trip driving with The New Hakkapeliitta R2's the handling was night and day.

The road I travel on has a lot of tight turns. The lateral Grip was amazing , you could Almost feel the siping work, and work they did! It's early in the test but at this point I'm Impressed. Time will tell as I have several snow tires under my belt to help judge from. Additional Things I will be monitoring throughout the season will be fuel economy , tread Wear, Deep snow traction , and all types of braking etc.

We are warming up this week and all the snow should be gone in the next couple Days However the forecast looks favorable for measureable snowfall starting the end of Next weekend , so please follow me though this testing and feel free to send your Comments or questions my way!

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