The family Battle Wagon on the WRG3s

Last weekend was spent sprinting around trying to enjoy the Fall season in Connecticut. This meant a lot of back roads and twisties. The Honda Pilot handled nicely with our old Entyres. I mean it handled fantastic for what it is. I was actually somewhat afraid how differently the car's handling would be affected with the new ones. The WRG3 SUV model tire is a bit different from the set I had on my Prius. These seem more substantial. There is also a subtle difference between the Entyre and the WRG3 in speed rating (T vs. H). I expected the WRG3 to be a tad bit harder riding. They are. They also emit a bit more road noise. Again, nothing I didn't expect. Handling is just as good, maybe a little sportier in the corners. Let's face it, these tires are made for Winter driving. They look it too. I am not looking forward to the snow. However, I am chomping at the bit to take the Pilot out when it does come.


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