Tell us what's on your horizon. You might win free tires!

In 2020, we’ve all endured conditions we never expected. And in the darkest moments of our journeys, the glimmer of hope on the horizon has been our guiding light.

While none of us can control what’s around the corner, we all hope 2021 will be brighter. With that in mind, we’d love to hear about the journeys on your horizon.

Where do you want the road to take you next year? And how do you plan to get there? Share your route with us at, and we’ll randomly select winners to receive a free set of tires.

On our Horizon website, you'll also be able to see others' favorite journeys on a user-generated map. You can also access a road trip tire safety checklist and find information about Nokian Tyres products.

And be sure to check out this robust list of recommended road trips for every U.S. state and several Canadian provinces.

We wish you a smooth, safe journey in 2021. And we can't wait to learn what's ahead for you in the new year!