Take a virtual tour of our first North American tire factory

For more than 80 years, we've led the tire industry in safety and sustainability. Now, we're taking our investment in innovation to another level here in North America.

Our first North American production plant is only a few months from completion. This time next year, we'll be crafting tires there -- more than four million of them every year once we're at full capacity. Those tires will be tailored to the needs of North American drivers.

What we're building in Dayton, Tennessee will have a major impact on our company, the Southeast Tennessee workforce and the tire industry as a whole. And right now, we're making exciting progress on construction and hiring at the Dayton Factory. This story includes a full update. We're hiring as many as 250 workers this year -- click here if you're interested in  a job there.

Ever wanted to see what a tire production factory looks like? Let's take a tour!

Here's our most recent drone photo of the factory. The mixing area is on the left and the production building to the right. See the silos underneath the crane? They'll hold raw materials before they enter the mixing area. We installed the silos in mid-February.
Nokian Tyres CEO Hille Korhonen poses for a picture inside the mixing building, where we craft our patented rubber compounds. Our mixing area is several stories tall to accommodate for the massive machinery that completes this complex process.
Here's a drone image of the production building, which makes up the bulk of our 830,000-square-foot factory. We take raw materials from the mixing area and combine them with other components in the production building, eventually turning all those parts into tires. We're more than halfway finished building the roof, and we're busy installing equipment underneath.
Take a look inside one corner of the production building. This is our calender machine, which combines our tire rubber with other materials. As you can see, installation of the calender is well underway.
Here's another picture of Hille, this one taken on top of the production building. You can see the mixing tower in the background.
We'll end our tour with one last drone view. The empty lot in the foreground will eventually house a warehouse that will store up to 600,000 tires. Also, how about that beautiful Southeast Tennessee scenery in the background? We're proud to be members of a wonderful community surrounded by a beautiful landscape.