Sure Footed Off Road

This weekend we took our little boy to get some some fall pictures at a local pumpkin patch. On a sunny and chilly October Sunday afternoon we arrived at the pumpkin patch. All of the other places I have been have a normal gravel parking lot, this one was a bit different.

We parked on gravel, went to take photos of our photos and started to leave. The way out was some ground asphalt gravel that had been recently dumped and hastily spread. It was very rough, unleveled and slippery. Around the gravel was grass that was apparently very slick too. I could tell from the difficulty that the little SUV in front of us had in getting out. It slid around on the gravel, then tried its luck with the smoother looking grass. After getting tired of the wheel spin it made its way back to the gravel.

The Outback wearing Nokian WRG3 drove right over with boring simplicity. No slipping, no spinning; just excellent traction.