Spring snow 3/22/13

Heay wet snow last night, about 8 inches on my side of town, I had several errands that I planned this morning, it was clear the plows had not been out, the tractions with the tires was excellent, I drove thru the neighborhood as well as the major streets with no problem, I was a little worried as I turned off a major street to s side street with a hugh pile of slush and snow from passing cars, My car is low so I worried about getting high centered and stuck, so I downshifted and let the tires pull the car through the pile. Any one who wants quality winter tires needs to think about buying these, they have traction on the worst road conditions. I decided to cut short my errands, was tired of dealing with other drivers and the cold. New shoes will wait for another day. Just went home and drug out the snowblower