Spring in Boston? Early April Fools!

Every "spring" Mother Nature plays her "April Fools" joke on us.  What made it even worse this year, was she decided to "spring" it on us Bostonians on March ... Beware the Ides of March!  March 15th was the kind of day that makes you dig out that pair of cargo shorts you stored for the winter - a nice 55 degree (F) kind of day, but Mother Nature decided that March 16th should be in the teens ~15 degrees.  

In Boston, this meant that the mounds of snow we have melted considerably in one day and then that snow melt froze solid over night.  The drive to work on the 16th would have been miserable if I wasn't the proud owner of Studded Hakkapeliitta tires!  My car was easily able to grip the ice on the roads and I didn't notice any slipping or sliding.  I did see a few other cars struggling on the ice, but my tires just chewed through it.  These are Great Tires!

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