Some random driving thoughts less any snow conditions-Nokian Hakka R2 SUV-Toyota Highlander SE


In nearly two weeks I have put almost 1000 miles on the tires due to my weekend trip to Jay Peak, where I got to experience the tires in 3-4 inches of snow and was very pleased.  The tire has definitely broken in.  It feels less rigid than the first day I put them on the vehicle.  The tire is a good choice for the Toyota Highlander.  I thought its snow and ice handling was impressive and its dry road manners are quite acceptable.  The tire is mostly quiet, with the exception of certain types of pavement.  Seems to be a little slower braking on dry and wet conditions than my Michelin LTX MS were.  Other than that road noise, handling, are all equal or superior.  The snow and ice performance were superior.  That's it for now until I get more snow.  Next trip is to Sunday River Maine in about ten days so maybe I will encounter more snow!