"Snowmaggedon" Part 2?

Monday morning, February 2nd, there was approximately 4" of snow on the side streets as I made my way to work at 7:30am.  Lucky for me, most people decided to stay home and wait out the storm so the roads were pretty empty.  As I merged onto the highways, there was about 2" of snow in two of the four lanes and the other two lanes were cleared.  I eventually hit pockets of traffic as cars were backed up behind the two plows.  Luckily I was easily able maneuver past the traffic by driving in the unplowed lanes.  I made it to work in 50 minutes - just 5 minutes slower than a normal day, driving close to the speed limit (50-60mph) the whole time, with no issues.  

As I pulled into the parking lot of work, there was about 6” of unplowed snow that severly reduced my traction, however I was still able to safely maneuver to my parking spot without any incidents or near misses.  These tires are exceeding all my expectations, although the real test came when I left work that afternoon!

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