It was a beautiful Monday morning with clear skies as I drove into work.  All weekend the news had talked-up this mega-storm, "SNOWMAGGEDON", that would be visiting Boston beginning on Monday, January 26th, but there was nothing ominous about the skies that morning. 

By the afternoon it was beginning to snow lightly and by 5pm when I left work the roads were bad.  When I say the roads were bad, I don't mean the snow as there was only about 1-2" on the roads, I mean the other drivers.  It was the middle of Boston Rush Hour, and the highways were clogged with cars going 35-40mph.  Luckily I was prepared with my Hakkapeliittas!  I was able to break out of the main pack of cars in the far left hand lane (where the plows had not reached yet).  I was able to maintain a steady speed of 55mph with full control of my two-wheel drive Hyundai Sonata.  I made it home in just over an hour (normal commute with no traffic is about 45 min), with little to no slipping or sliding.  

The next 30hrs left Boston with over 30" of Snow.  The Mayor declared a 24hr driving ban on Monday night - no driving allowed unless you were a snow removal vehicle, so I wasn't able to test out my tires again until Wednesday when the plows had done most of the work.  Instead of driving, I was forced into shoveling our cars out of the snow... I should have bought a snow blower....