It's finally here!  It was a beautiful snow.  Thick and wet-the perfect kind for a snowman.  But, also, the perfect kind for slippery road conditions.  We went out to run a few errands during the snow storm.  The roads weren't plowed yet.  By, the end of the day we would have about 5 inches of snow.  The picture (taken from the passenger seat-my husband was driving) shows what a mess the roads were. 

My WRG3's did an outstanding job.  As soon as there was barely a hint of sliding, they gripped the road and held on.  They regripped much faster than regular tires.  My husband grew up here and says the tires gave him much more of a sense of safety and control than he's ever felt in any set of tires before.  He is very impressed.  And so am I!

The roads are all cleared now, and the snow is supposed to give way to rain by the end of the week.  So, that could create another mess.  I'll be checking back in to report after the rain.


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