Slushy travels

Well El nino is really making its presence known in the Lake Superior Region.

This has been the mildest start to winter in Many Years, Most aren't complaining up here.

Myself I want the Most snow and cold possible, Anyways We got a bit more snow and some freezing drizzle a few days ago. The roads conditions are turning Slushy and slush can be dangerous if you don't have good anti slush planing tires like the Hakkapeliitta R2. I'm real impressed with the tread design to combat slush and water by quickly evacuating them and keep the tires on the road where they belong..

Looks like a mild stretch of weather ahead so till next time keep that firewood burning and your tires on the Ice.

Dueling Hakka R2's Both cars equipt with them. I bought a set for the buick last season and they are just as good
slushy roads
the anti slush planing ability of the R2 is evident in this picture