Slushy roads and hints of spring

Over the last few days we got around 3'' of snow . The temps were hovering around the freezing mark so it was very slushy on the roads but still slick in areas. I got up Thursday morning and brushed over 2'' of wet snow from the car and off I went. The roads were mostly wet but there was a almost invisible slush on the roads in some areas then snow covered in others. It was very deceiving to tell some areas were slick.

I love the way the Hakka 2's really expel the slush outward to keep the tread firmly planted on the road. They are still amazing tires and my Mileage has come up to 41mpg now that its been warmer. A co-worker of mine with the same model and year car drives about 120 miles round trip 95% highway miles and just switched over to his low rolling resistance all-season tires. He is only getting 2 mpg more then me. It's amazing because my driving consists of a more technical route that doesn't favor the best MPG's.

I will probably pull the tires off in about 2-3 weeks and make a full review on all the fine details.

Have a good week and enjoy the recent pictures