Slippery roads but no slipping.

This weekend we were fortunate enough to ski Mad River Glen in Vermont. The road back home goes over the Appalachian Gap. The road twists and turns and is very steep in certain spots. I have mentioned in previous posts that my Toyota Landcruiser is a very heavy vehicle. This makes me nervous on steep grades. The last thing that I want is to have my brakes lock up and start skidding. Right before we left the ski hill on Sunday, it began to snow. The new snow left a slick sheen on the road and it was about 17 degrees out. As we got in the truck I began to wonder if my Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV's would slip on such a slick surface since the road is so steep in sections. I was relieved to learn that they would not slip at all the entire drive home. It isn't the going that impresses me so much about these tyres; it is the stopping and slowing power. It seems that I can apply the brakes without worry of slipping or sliding in almost any conditions. Thank you Nokian for manufacturing such magnificent winter tyres.

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