People don't really think about their tires until they are completey worn out

or put in a dangerous situation like I was this morning on the Route 287 S

commute at 5am. I was cruising on my new WRG3's at 75 mph when I saw

a few brake lights ahead which caught my eye. Usually its smooth sailing this

early so I began to slow. There was a situation ahead I am glad I was prepared

for  with my Nokians. Black ice across all 3 lanes of travel 2 car lengths long.

1 car was smashed into the divider and sitting in the far left lane of travel and

3 spun out on the shoulder. I did not brake at all, just held

the wheel steady and drove right over the hazard and beyond. I really have

to thank Nokian that my vehicle made it through unscathed due to the WRG3's.

Bye for now. Be careful out there.


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