Saving some MONEY!

I try to track my expenses on a monthly basis. I try to be responsible about spending. I try to Identify those areas where I can save a little or spend less. Winter is a time when I relegate myself to spending a little more money in my gas budget than I do in the Summer. The number one reason is the necessity for 4-wheel drive. Now many people survive without 4-wheel drive, but I choose the added safety and control it provides me. Driving a truck on the ice with an empty bed and only rear wheel drive can be a bit frustrating not to mention occasionally terrifying. So 4-wheel drive it is.

One day last month I had taken my truck in for an oil change. While pulling in to the parking lot I disengaged the 4-wheel drive. After leaving the garage I didn't remember to reengage the 4-wheel drive. It was not until I had left the garage that it occurred to me that I was still in 2-wheel drive. I reached for the selector but I was travelling too fast to shift the transfer case. I thought of slowing down but decided to continue, the Hakkas were doing just fine. I rarely use the 4-wheel drive now. The grip these Hakkas give is awesome. Now that I have had a few fill ups since my 2-wheel drive epiphany I have seen the difference in my fuel consumption. It sure is nice to be saving some money.

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