Rule No. 4: Tires are only as safe as their maintenance

So you’ve chosen a set of Nokian Tyres products. Great! We think you’ve made the right choice!

But here’s the deal: They’ll only remain the right choice if you keep them in good shape. We’ve done our part to make safe, sustainable tires crafted to keep you safe on the road. Now, it’s your turn!

Rule No. 4 in our Ten Rules of Tires series is that tires are only as safe as their maintenance. How can you keep your tires in top shape? Here are some easy tips.

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

Every time you hit the road, your tires wear down just a little bit. It’s vital that they wear down evenly – otherwise, they aren’t as reliable or efficient. The solution: rotating them every 3,000 to 6,000 miles (5,000 to 10,000 kilometers), or at the first sign of irregular wear, such as uncharacteristic vibration while driving.

Regular rotation will keep your tires fresh so you can get the most out of them.

Don’t Be Deflated

The pressure is also on you to keep your tire pressure high. Keep your tires inflated to the recommended level for your car, which you can find in the owner manual or driver’s-side door jamb. Deflated tires are more likely to suffer damage, wear unevenly and hurt your gas mileage (which also hurts the environment).

Take note: Sudden drops in temperature will mess with your tire pressure. For every 10-degree Fahrenheit decrease, you can expect as much as a pound lower of PSI. That’s why the tire light on your dashboard flashes on cold fall mornings. So when cool weather is set to arrive, inflate your tires to their recommended level and keep a close eye on that tire light.

Keep an Eye on Tread Depth

Our final tip is anything but shallow: Tread depth is a massive factor in your tires’ performance. The shallower the tread, the more poorly it will grip the road. Lower tread grip means worse handling and higher risk of hydroplaning in rain and sliding in snow or ice.

The penny test is an easy way to check your tires’ tread depth. If your tires fail it, they’re well below our recommended low of 4/32 of an inch and need to be changed immediately. Nokian Tyres makes it even easier to check your depth: Our Driving Safety Indicator tells you exactly how close you are to needing new tires.

Nokian Tyres Driving Safety Indicator Technology

We think you’ll love our safe, sustainable tires – as long as you treat them with as much love and car as we do while we’re making them.

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