Rule No. 2: High-quality tires are worth the investment

We all like a good value, right? If you’re like us, you’ve been known to clip a few coupons, adjust the thermostat to save energy costs, and pack your lunch from time to time.

Those are all great ways to save a few bucks. But there’s one place where price should NOT be your first priority: the tire shop. That’s because there are a number of other important factors to consider, many of which can possibly keep you safer on the road -- and even help you save time and money on the back end. Simply put: High-quality tires are worth the investment.

To explore the second of our Ten Rules of Tires, we’ll start with a simple question: Would you put a price on your family’s safety? Of course not. People tend to buy cars that perform well in crash tests, avoid restaurants with low health scores, and equip their homes with fire extinguishers and alarm systems just in case a worst-case scenario arises.

Those safety steps cost a little extra money, but most people don’t think twice about spending it for the sake of peace of mind and security. Tires are another such investment. After all, they are the only part of your car that touches the road. That makes them a vital safety tool.

Tires may all be black, round and rubber, but that’s where the similarities stop. Some tire manufacturers are focused on making tires that aren’t just affordable, but also offer protection for the moments on the road when you need it the most.

We craft high-quality tires and are always developing new innovations to provide peace of mind in all conditions. Our tires are a good value – especially when you consider the dangerous alternative. And in some cases, the premium technology in our tires actually helps you save money on the back end.

Take Aramid Sidewall technology, for instance. We put puncture-resistant fibers in the sidewalls of our light-truck and SUV tires – the same material, Aramid, that can be found in bulletproof vests. The result: a much stronger tire that is better able to withstand potholes and road hazards. You wanna talk about saving money? Anyone who’s ever blown a tire can tell you how expensive a tow and repair can be, even if the flat tire didn’t lead to a dangerous crash.

Another premium feature that helps you save money AND the environment? Our low-rolling-resistance tires. Rolling resistance is the energy required to keep your car moving at a constant rate. By crafting tires that reduce that resistance, we help you get better gas mileage and reduce harmful emissions. Over the life of your tires, that represents significant savings.

Those are just two examples of the premium approach Nokian Tyres takes in order to help keep you safe. Here are even more! We don’t just make tires that last tens of thousands of miles. We also craft those tires to thrive in the moments you need them the most – when you encounter slick streets, rugged terrain or road hazards.

And the peace of mind that brings? Well, it’s hard to put a price on that.

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